Rain of Music

Josu Rekalde and co - IdEx Arts & Sciences Université de Bordeaux


This project aims at creating an Opera for robots, music and light : design and realization of a multimedia system based on robots and drones for artistic performance (music, choreography, stage design, light, etc.), and design of a performance to be given in both countries.

Artistic team Mikel Arce (Sound Art), Enrike Hurtado (Software Sound Art), Natalia Monge (dance), Josu Rekalde. (coordinator), Natxo Rodriguez (Art on the net).

Scientific team Nadine Couture (ESTIA, LaBRI), Myriam Desainte-Catherine (LaBRI/SCRIME), Serge Chaumette (LaBRI), Olivier Ly (LaBRI)

Scientific and technical objectives (LaBRI and ESTIA)

  • Sound : unlike lots of research projects studying the spatialization of sound by the use of mobile loud-speakers, this project proposes to study the rendering and perception of mobile sound sources in 3 dimensions, by embedding loud-speakers in drones and robots.
  • Time / space : assisted design of a multimedia choreography in 3D implies to study coordination between media and crash prediction, especially in an interactive context.
  • Robots : building of robots equipped with loud-speakers and microphones, extension of the range and the location precision. — Computer Human Interface : study the interaction possibilities with this new system made of several drones and robots. The engineer becomes "the director of the robots- actors"

Artistic objectives (University of Bilbao)

  • Social interactivity : transfer of the art and technology to a performative cultural activity.
  • Sound Interactivity : study and research of the interaction between the movements of the robots/drones and the public, through the sound localization (spatialization). An alternative is to design specific metabots so that they produce a percussive music of their legs on a floor ad hoc — Light Interactivity : study of light sequences projected on moving objects.
  • Research in creation and sound spatialization : study of new artistic possibilities with a swarm of sound sources.
  • Creation of an opera for robots, sound and light in a closed area (for example CAPC in Bordeaux or Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao) involving ten metabots and three drones.

Project Demonstration


More photos of the project here !

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